Chiropratique Sportive - Soins d'Urgence

Sports Chiropractic -  Emergency Care ,


Initial Consultation with Treatment:

Schedule an initial consultation where we will discuss the root causes of your problems; we will discuss the structures involved and we will also treat you with the therapeutic techniques that will best serve your needs.  


Chiropractic Manipulation, Joint mobilization (Relief without Cracking), Acute injury care, SPORTS MYOFASCIAL THERAPY, Myofascial release, Joint and muscle stretching to improve flexibility, Kinesio-taping, Therapeutic rehabilitation exercises. Exercise prescription for at home and at the gym. 

Emergency Care:

Intervention for acute or severe pain: slips/falls, sprain/strain, torticolis, severe low-back spasms. (OPEN WEEKENDS)

Other services offered at Clinique Zarow include: 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage with Ballancer-Plus

X-Ray Services



Call Clinique Zarow at 514-279-6536 or Contact Us our to make an appointment and find out what type of therapeutic intevention is best for you. 


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